Friday, June 8, 2012

Welcome to the Art of Hockey

Hello, my name is Justin. I'm a huge hockey fan and hockey concept artist. This blog will feature mainly hockey jersey concepts, logo concepts, and sometimes, hockey related art and topics. Some of my other work is featured and often posted on,, and  I will not be posting daily, but once a week or so, I will be updating the site and posting new designs! For now this a place where I can share my work. I would love to hear everyone's feedback and critique! I hope you enjoy the site!

     I live in Colorado and am a huge Avs fan. Even though I bleed burgundy and blue, I am all in favor of them getting new uniforms. They have great colors and logos but the edge jerseys just ruined them!I typically don't like using just 'stripes' for Avs concepts but I think it kind of works here. What do you think?

This is a Washington Capitals third jersey concept using their unused 'Capital Building' logo. I would love to see the Caps use this logo and I think they definitely need a blue third. I have included a description on the concept and a player model to view. This concept was also recognized as "Concept of the Week" and Concept of the Month of May at

A very similar design has been featured on Icethetics. I wanted to create a retro-ish third jersey for the Flyers 45th Anniversary without using their primary logo. There is further description on the concept. Could you see the Flyers wearing something similar to these?

I've always loved the old Vancouver Millionaires jerseys and was excited when the Canucks bought the rights to their logos. I was thinking maybe the Canucks could honor the 100th Anniversary of their Cup win in 2015. 

    New Jersey Devils third jersey. I came across this concept logo designed by Matt Kauzlarich and Fraser Davidson and thought it would look great on a black jersey. I replaced white with grey to create a "dark jersey."

         Seattle Metropolitans concepts created for HJC's Islanders relocation competition. Further description and backstory on concept.

     Johnny Canuck is a huge part of the Canucks history and he needs to be on a jersey! I also made it Vancouvers first green jersey! How do you think this looks?

Well that is all I have for you now. I would love to hear some feedback! -Justin


  1. I like all the concepts, good job. The blog design looks good too.

    1. Thanks Steven, I really appreciate it! I really like your work and site too. Always top notch stuff.

  2. keep updating the Metropolitans uniform.. Things can happen in a few weeks. The Coyotes will be moved. The Green color should be more Teal-like Green. I noticed the Vancouver uniform colors were similar