Tournament of Hockey Design


This blog is all about the Art of Hockey (hence the name) and the designs that make the game look great. With that being said there are some that are just far superior to others. So I present... The 2012 Tournament of Hockey Design! If you're an icethetics reader then I'm sure you have heard of the Tournament of Logos. The Tournament of Logos faces various NHL logos against eachother and readers vote until the best logo is revealed. I wanted to do something similar here. However, instead of celebrating just the teams' primary logos, we could celebrate all of the other designs and art we see in hockey. We could do primary logos, alternate logos (shoulder patches), third jersey logos. Of course we'd do jerseys/uniforms. We could even choose the best color scheme or the best goalie mask in the league? I don't know but all of this represents the art of hockey and it should be celebrated. We will start with the NHL and if this is successful we could move onto other leagues.

2012 Categories
  • Best Primary Logo
  • Best Secondary Logo
  • Best 3rd Jersey Logo
  • Best Specialty Logo (Anniversary logos, event logos etc.)
  • Best Uniform
  • Best Alternate Jersey
  • Best Color Scheme (A little out there but it might be fun.)
  • Worst Logo
  • Worst Uniform
  • Worst Alternate Jersey
If there's a category not on here that you would like please let me know. Feedback is appreciated.

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