Sunday, October 14, 2012

Minnesota Wild Update (Away Added)

Hello everyone. I hope you're all having a swell weekend and finding all the hockey you can to keep yo'selves entertained! A lot of people lately have been telling me that I need to make a whole Wild set off of my original concept. Well... here's an update to the original concept as well as an away jersey. Ironically as I was creating the road jersey, HJC announced their Wild Re-Design comp. so I guess I'm killing two burds with one stone.

Minnesota Wild

Pretty straight forward here. I turned the basic original design into an away version. I chose to use a cream base because I wanted to eliminate white, COMPLETELY from the Wild's color scheme and I just think the cream and green compliment each other very well. At the same time I wanted to make the design unique and I believe the yokes, striping, colors, font do just that. I was going to make a third jersey but I think both their current home and alternate would make a good one so I just decided leave it a home/away set. What do you think? Would you like to see Parise and Suter (hopefully soon!) making their Minnesota debuts in threads like these?


  1. Awesome! I like the unique yoke and exclusion of true white. The Wild's unique number font works well here too. I would maybe try switching the colours on the away jersey's numbers: red with green outline. It would mimic the arm stripe pattern. Just a thought. Good work!

  2. I like the design here as well as the use of cream instead of white. As DCamp mentioned I would suggest giving the numbers on the away jersey a second thought, even if it was simply coloring the middle border gold rather than cream, though red numbers might be worth giving a look. I also don't think I really like the use of gold in the design, but that's just a personal preference. I'd be curious to see what they might look like with gold dropped altogether (aside of the logo, of course). Very nice work on these.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I agree about the numbers after taking a second look. I originally had yellow in between but I don't know why I changed it.