Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Crazy Columbus Concept!

Good evening everyone! It's snowing lots here in Colorado. Almost a foot on the ground! So I figured it'd be a good night to work on some concepts and just relax. I'm currently huddled by the fire waiting for my Avs to take on the Blues for a late game tonight in Denver. Hopefully Duchene won't get too offsides again! Haha! Anyways... onto a rather crazy concept tonight.

Columbus Blue Jackets
 So ever since that Columbus concept logo was leaked, I thought it would look cool as stripes on a jersey. Originally I was just going to use my version as arm stripes but I was messing around and tried it as a chest stripe and I kind of liked the way it looked. I know it's really unconventional but I think it could be a cool identity for the Blue Jackets. As an alternate of course. It could also work as a 'Military Appreciation Night' jersey, or something along those lines. I know it's way out of the box, but I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Call it crazy if you wish, but I kind of like it! It's a striping pattern we haven't seen since the Canucks flying Vs and it looks cool, refreshing!