Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Culture in Colorado - Time for new uniforms

Hello readers everywhere! WOW. It sure feels good to be writing here again and feels fantastic to actually complete another concept. Over the past months there have been so many concept ideas and incompleted designs but work, school, and everything else just got in the way. But I am back, and even though it's been a while, I never left! In fact, I continue to check HJC, Icethetics, CCSL and your blogs every few days. So thank you for coming to check in and here's my next concept!

Colorado Avalanche
Now you all probably know, the I'm a proud Colorad-an and I was born and raised here. So naturally you can assume I'm more than excited about the Avs current performance on the ice. There's a new culture with the Colorado Avalanche, and it's time for a new era. Our young group of guys is finally coming together, we have an exciting coach behind the bench, as well as some front office additions. It's all coming together. Next all we need, is a new look. The Avalanche probably have the worst uniforms in the league, which is such a shame considering we have such great logos and colors and used to have some of the best uniforms. So here are my main goals with the redesign.

- Get rid of the Reebok cookie cutter look.
- Bring back the mountain design in a new way.
- Eliminate black equipment, and use the color minimally.
- Create a unique identity for the Avalanche
- Tie in Colorado somehow. (captains patch, hanger effect, and mountains.)

So what do you think of this possible look for the Avalanche?

Thanks for checking in and I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Beautiful looks great love the collar!

  2. Looks great, great to see you back.

  3. You should really consider sending this to the Avalanche front office! Great work