Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pittsburgh Penguins

Hello all! I hope you've been good lately. Tonight I have a few Penguins concepts for you from myself and Tyler G. Lets get right to them!

Pittsburgh Penguins
I have to be completely honest with you. I love vegas gold. I just think it looks great with black and white. Very modern and classy as well. HOWEVER... if a city were to have official colors, black and yellow (athletic gold) would be Pittsburgh's. That color scheme represents Pittsburgh's sports identity and the Penguins need to rejoin the club. This is aimed to do just that by combining and modernizing the Lemieux (strong use of athletic gold) era and pre-edge era (angled side stripes) while adding a new, fresh twist to their identity. If you're wondering about the socks, they're based off of Anaheim's alternate socks where the orange comes down from under the pants. The rest of the concept is pretty straight forward. What do you think? 

Pittsburgh Penguins (Tyler G.)
Tyler takes the Penguins even farther back and bases this set off of their original jerseys and 2011 Winter Classic jersey. I like these a lot and a vintage white version would be sweet. However I think the main striping color on the road jersey should be dark blue with poweder blue used as the thinner stripes. The same goes with the NOB and numbers. Then again... I'm kind of starting to like the light blue on vintage white. Great execution though, as usual from Tyler.

Thanks for stopping by for a quick Saturday post. Let Tyler and I know what you think in the comments section below. Have a great rest of your weekends!

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  1. Justin's Concept: I also love vegas gold, and would like to see what it looks like here. I also think the arm stripes should be facing the other way to connect better with the pre-edge set, and also make it different than the Ducks and Islanders. Other than that I love this concept.

    Tyler's Concept: I don't mind the light blue numbers and stripes on the road, but I think the NOB needs to be navy.