Monday, September 3, 2012

Winnipeg Jets Third Jersey Option

Hello everyone and Happy Labor Day! I hope you all had an excellent 3 day weekend and for some, a good end to the summer. (Mine ended 3 weeks ago!) I know I promised a big post this weekend but I just couldn't muster up the time to get one done. I do however have time to do a small post a Winnipeg Jets third jersey option.

Also be sure to check the previous post and vote for the final expansion entries!

Winnipeg Jets
I like to consider this a mix between the RCAF jerseys, the current Jets jerseys, and the old blue Thrashers jersey. This started out as an all navy blue concept until I realized it looked just like a Blue Jackets jersey. But I changed the base color to blue and added some elements from their current uniform set. It was just missing something. I tried stripes, I tried various designs but nothing was working. Then I remembered a concept that used the military wings (in the alternate logo) on arm stripes. I tried using those and they worked beautifully! Afterwards I searched and searched for the concept I was thinking of and finally found it. It was a home/away concept by Steven Grant (SG-94). My concept actually turned out to be very similar to his, totally by accident. Thanks for the inspiration, Steven. I didn't mean to copy you! What do you think?


  1. I think it looks good. The red in your concept adds a nod to the Thrashers jersey, which I think might make your concept even better than mine.

  2. looks great Justin! I definitely see the nods to all of those sweaters, and it comes across really cohesively, good job! One thing I think the jets should do is add wings to their captains/alternate captains letters (you could use the ones from the alternate logo). I think that would add something unique and interesting to the captains letters (which seems to be really trendy thing to do/ I've seen on a handful of concepts ever since Philly went with the key stone captains letters for last years WC)