Monday, July 23, 2012

HJC Open Champion! Tournament Recap

If you haven't seen yet, I just recently won the HJC Open! First off, I would like to thank everyone who supported and voted me through any of the four rounds. I would also like to congratulate all of the other participants and thank them for putting up a good fight! One more than others... Stephane Sinotte! I didn't think I had a chance to win against Stephane but I got through the last round! Congrats Stephane and thanks for making me sweat this one out! I know the 3rd time will be a charm for you!

With the closing of the Open I also wanted to take a look back at my concepts throughout the tournament. Since I've already shared most of these concepts I'll keep the descriptions short.

Quebec Nordiques

This was my first round entry... A Quebec Nordiques (third jersey) concept. Already in the first round I had a tough test against Kevin D. but ended up prevailing.

Colorado Avalanche 
 In the second round I had to go up against Dylan Alexander who always has top notch concepts. Luckily these Avs concepts pushed me into the third round.

Philadelphia Flyers

 I was really nervous when I saw that I would have to face off against Tex next. He always has beautiful concepts and submitted an awesome Jets concept for the third round. However my Flyers fauxback earned me a spot in the finals!

2013 Winter Classic

The final round I was facing... Stephane... Stephane the great! At the time I was just finishing up these Winter Classic jerseys and logos so I decided to use it. Stephane was the toughest competitor but I somehow prevailed and earned the titele... HJC Open Champion! I'll be posting a Winter Classic package soon with some changes and additions!

Thanks for stopping by! Expect another post tomorrow or Wednesday for a few Pacific Division rebrands!

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  1. Congrats Justin! I unfortunately didn't get in to the tournament, but now I'm kind of glad I didn't have to go up against the likes of you and Stéphane in a head to head concept battle. Stéphane, hopefully next year will be your year!