Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Merging Old and New: Blues and Canucks

Today's post is all about merging old and new designs. The two teams I focused on today were the St. Louis Blues and Vancouver Canucks.

St. Louis Blues

The Blues don't need new jerseys but they certainly have a unique look. I wanted to simplify it back to a look similar to the early seventies. I used the lighter blue color in a new way and used that great trumpet logo for the shoulder patches. The striping is based on the jerseys from 1973-74 with some modifications. I may create a matching white jersey depending on the reactions this one gets.

Vancouver Canucks

The original Flying V jerseys weren't liked too well. To me, the V design is great and it screams Vancouver. My problem with the originals is the dreadful colors. Yellow, black, and orange all together. The black version didn't look too bad in my opinion, but the Canucks current color scheme is far superior. So I have created that Flying V jersey in blue, green and white. I don't want the Canucks to where something like this again but it's always a fun design.

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I'm going to start posting concepts from others soon so if you want send inn some work please email it to jncox9@gmail.com. I would love for you to send some concepts in!


  1. You've been putting up a lot of great stuff on here lately! Hell people beat me to nominating and seconding that clever Nordiques jersey at HJC. That should be a shoe-in. Else-wise, you've got my support until the HJC Open final (assuming that Stephane makes it that far too) then may the best man win!

    1. Thanks, Ricky! I appreciate the kind words and I'm glad to have your support!

  2. That Canucks concept is great, and it definitely screams Vancouver! You and St├ęphane also have my support in the HJC Open. Good luck!

  3. Love the Blues Jersey, I think it needs to be a tie jersey to realy give it an old school look

  4. Blues Jersey looks AWESOME! Wish this could be the real deal!