Saturday, July 7, 2012

RinkGear Hockey Jerseys

A few times I have mentioned a jersey company, RinkGear. Rink Gear and I have been in contact and they wondering if I could create a post featuring some of their designs. So here it is! 
_________________________________________________________________________________ had a Winnipeg Jets design contest and the winning entry, by Fraser Davidson, was turned into an actual jersey! How awesome is that logo?

This was the  winning entry for RinkGear's Pew-Pew Lasers design contest. Sounds strange but to me, everything about this design is great!

 This jersey is so ammusing, but I love it so much! It's a Charlie Sheen, Tiger-Blood jersey. The logo is awesome and so is the jersey. I'm pretty sure the back hem reads "WINNING."

PuckDrawn had a 2012 Winter Classic design contest and although there was no official winner, RinkGear set out to make these. I never imagined either of these teams with a mascot but these look pretty darn good! I was going to get a Rangers jersey but they didn't get enough interest. The Flyers jerseys, however, were made, and they came out great!

The vintage white came out a little darker but other than that, these jerseys are practically identical! That's what I love about RinkGear. No matter the design, they always come out near perfect

Ever seen the show Walking Dead? A fan of Zombies? These Columbia Zombies (Walking Dead inspired) jerseys are perfect for you! My favorite part is the dripping blood down the arms.

Video game lovers rejoice! The Legend of Zelda meets hockey. I never imagined Zelda hockey jerseys coming to life but these are great! 

Time for some movie inspired jerseys! Next time you're watching one of those Harry Potter marathons, how about you do so in this Gryffindor jersey? I like the design. It reminds me of the Flames Heritage Classic jerseys.

This one just might be my favorite. A Star Wars inspired Wookies jersey. The colors are great. You can never go wrong with green, brown, and white in my opinion. Not to mention the logos are flawless. I kind of regret not getting this jersey.

I'll admit, I have not gone to see the Hunger Games yet. It's supposed to be a great movie and this jersey is up there with it. Once again, the colors and logos are great. If I'm not mistaken, the logo designer is Andy Hall. He does absolutely beautiful logos. Check out his portfolio

I'm pretty sure you all can recognize this one. It's an Ironman inspired jersey equipped with reflective material  on the front to portray the light up insert in Tony Starks chest. These are currently available in the RinkGear Store!

If want to check out RinkGear or are interested in buying some jerseys here's some links.


I'm starting to accept others' concepts to post on the site, If you want to send anything in, feel free to email me at I've received a few already so I hope to have a post up soon. I've also got some new concepts coming up! Until then, have a good weekend!

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