Friday, April 12, 2013

Colorado Pride

Colorado Avalanche

Happy Friday everyone! As most of you may know I'm a huge Avalanche fan and was born and raised here in beautiful Colorado. We here in Colorado have a lot of pride in our state! It's almost impossible to walk down a busy street without finding someone with apparel on that has our red and yellow Colorado 'C.' In fact, some of this apparel, translated onto Avs logos, is some of the top selling merchandise. I myself have two or three items. Even our pro soccer team debuted a new third jersey showing our state pride. Why not have the Avs do something similar? I wanted it to not only represent our great state but also past hockey here and within the franchise. The baby blue is obviously taken from the Quebec Nordiques and the jersey design is a very slight nod to these WHA jerseys. Then the Colorado 'C' emblems are obviously taken from the state flag as well as the jerseys of the old Colorado Rockies. I just kind of ran with the rest of the design and really like how it turned out. This wouldn't be a bad upgrade for their current alternates. What do you think?