I'm always trying to find ways to keep readers interested and a part of the blog. I thought maybe I could start doing contests that we could all participate in. So I present... the NHL Expansion Design Contest! I narrowed the competition down to four expansion cities.... 

Quebec - Former NHL team, the Nordiques
Hamilton - Former professional team, the Hamilton Tigers.

United States
Seattle - Metropolitans were the first US team to win the Stanley Cup and only NHL team ever in Seattle.
Hartford - The Whalers were the NHL team that departed Hartford a few decades ago. 
Concept artists can create up to four entries (one for each city) and can revive an old team or create a new identity! Once all concepts are in we will vote for the best concept from each team, then each country (US, Canada) then the best concept overall! . All entries are due August 15th. You can email the entries to
  • Entrants can create up to 4 entries total. One for each city.
  • The city/location must remain the same (Quebec, Hamilton, Seattle, Hartford.) However you  can change it to the state, province name if you wish. For example change Seattle to Washington or Quebec to Quebec city.
  • You can use former names and logos (Nordiques, Tigers, etc.) If it is another logo please site where it's from.
  • Entry must have at least a home/away jersey but can include up to 4 jerseys total.
  • Entry must have name or form of identification.
  •  All entries due by the end of the day, August 15th.
  • Email entries to
  • Have fun!

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