Below are some links to noteworthy sites similar to mine.
The ultimate hockey concept website where I got my start and still frequently contribute. Ryan runs a spectacular site that posts everyone's concepts daily. The site has various competitions and projects open to anyone. If you've never visited here before, it is a must!
A very popular blog discussing the aesthetics of hockey. Anywhere from jersey rumors, concepts,  or just hockey talk. My concepts have been featured there on a few occasions.
An archive of every sports logo you can think of! They also run a forum,, where many can submit their concepts (for any sport), or just talk about sports, etc.
A complete history of NHL Uniforms for every team!
Rink Gear makes cool, quality jerseys for low prices! You can get a team set or even just a single jersey that they're offering. Go check them out at their websitefacebook page, or twitter account.
A blog by Colin focusing on redesigning the Vancouver Canucks. Colin always has great concepts and whether you're a Canucks fan or not, I highly recommend you go check it out!
NB14, a frequent contributor and reader, runs a great blog. You can find concepts for any team here and I recommend you go check out his work!
Steven Grant always has very clean and creative concepts as well as a great blog!
A Canadiens blog by Stephane focusing on finding the Habs a third jersey. Although Stephane has recently announced the ending of the blog, you should still go check out his spectacular work!

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