Friday, August 24, 2012

A Desert Makeover: Phoenix Coyotes

Hello again everyone! Sorry for another late night post but this is about all I can do for now. Tonight I have a few Coyotes concepts; one from me and one from Tyler G. Also if you didn't see earlier, the Round 1 votes for the Expansion Contest were  announced and Round 2 voting has begun. Lastly I'm going to try (no promises) to get a big post up. That would include concepts, lots of concepts, news, updates, etc. But ;et's get to tonight's' concepts.

Phoenix Coyotes

The Coyotes current look isn't terrible but it could definitely use some work. What I don't like about Phoenix's jerseys is that they went from very unique, creative jerseys to a completely bland design. What I wanted to do here was create another unique, desert look without it looking too gaudy. I used the Aztec motif but kept it clean and not too crazy. What do you think? Any C&C is appreciated!

Phoenix Coyotes (Tyler G.)
Rather than creating a new design for the Yotes, Tyler updates the current one. Finally someone added the hem stripes! I though I was the only one who got irritated by their absence? The rest of the jersey looks good and would be an excellent update for the Coyotes. My favorite part has to be the stripes on the collar. However I don't like the nickname on the helmet. If I had to fix one thing though, I would change all of the white to tan. Just my opinion though.

Thanks for reading, everyone. Have an excellent weekend!


  1. Nice job Justin. I wonder if a sublimated motif would look better? I like the motif but I feel it's either too large (Takes up too much space) or too busy? Nevertheless, solid work once again.

  2. I don't like this concept, don't get me worng, it's fantastic but I think it's because the Sabres might be close to getting Doan . . . I consider that detail, for the record. But this is definately do-able, Justin!

    But Tyler's seems a bit too red for the Yotes.

  3. Haha so how would you feel if I replaced the name on back?

  4. Tyler's jerseys are perfect for the Coyotes. Never got why they got rid of the hem stripes.

    Justin. I think your set would be perfect if they came out with the Edge system in the 90's. Otherwise, great concept!

  5. It doesn't matter Justin, It's still cool . . . I'm just having fun with it :P