Monday, August 6, 2012

HJC Jersey and Ricky's Expansion Entries

Happy Monday to everyone! Today, as everyday is, was a mail day. Which means my HJC Jersey arrived.

The jersey itself is awesome! The logos and striping look great and really pop on the black jersey. I kept debating on purchasing one a few months back but ultimately decided not to. The main reason I didn't purchase one was because it was sublimated. But after seeing the jersey in person, it looks really nice. I also designed the shoulder patch and did the vector version of the primary so it's cool to see my own work come to life. If you were also debating on getting a jersey or not I would have to say that it's worth the price! I believe they're $75 for a fully customized jersey. I would of liked to have my name/number but how can I complain about a free jersey? It's also a size XL where as I wear a medium but once again... it's free! Here's a few up close photos.
Shoulder Patch I designed                                          
Sublimation Detail

Ricky M. at Buffalo Nickel Graphics sent in four entries! Way to go, Ricky! If you haven't sent any in yet you can email them to me by the end of the day Aug. 15th.

Hartford (Ricky)

Hamilton/Ontario (Ricky)

Quebec (Ricky)

Seattle (Ricky)

Also just to give people an idea I drew up this bracket to show how the tournament will work.



  1. @Ricky: "Loupes" is magnifying glass! Sea Wolves in french is "Loups de mer"...

  2. Correct Stephane, the translation I personally made was "mer loups" as opposed to the converse, which you stated above . . .