Sunday, August 12, 2012

Contributor Concepts and Expansion Entries

Hello again everyone. Sorry this is another late post but I've had a busy weekend. I just got back from Denver a little while ago and then got caught up in the closing ceremonies. Anyways.. today I've got both concepts and expansion entries from Casey R., David C. and Tyler G.

I also wanted to let everyone know that starting tomorrow my schedule will get extremely busy. I still plan on making concepts and running the site but my time to do so will decrease rapidly. I'll try to keep the blog updated as soon as possible and in my little free time I'll work on some concepts!

I have a strange request for you guys. I was at Best Buy a few days ago looking at laptops and saw this awesome wallpaper on an HP computer. It sounds odd but when I see a design I like I have to get it for wallpaper, inspiration, etc. Luckily I carry a small USB with my car keys but upon trying to put it in the computer to save the background a Best Buy employee stopped me informing me that's frowned upon. Who knew? Anyways it was just a background that I believe comes on all (newer) HP's. If I remember correctly it was a light blue background that had tree's and red, yellow and blue hills and was in a cool, kind of distressed graphic design style. (Sorry for the crappy description.) You all must think I'm crazy but I'd love to get this wallpaper! If you know what I'm talking about or have the wallpaper that'd be great if you could email it to me at

Lastly, the fourth round of the TOHD wrapped up but the shoulder patch vote ended in a tie. I've posted the tie breaker on the top right of the page and you can vote until Tuesday evening.

REMINDER: All Expansion Entries are due at the end of the day Wednesday.

Quebec (Dave C.)

Hartford (Casey R.)

Quebec (Tyler G.)


Ottawa Senators (Dave C.)
This is really cool. The stripes are really think and show off the design which works out really well here. I also love that alternate logo with the gold trim. The font is kind of strange but it definitely says "Senators" to me. Or something Greek? Nevertheless, solid work here, Dave. 

Ottawa Senators (Dave C.)
I LOVE this! Dave got the striping perfect and he obviously knows which logo needs to be used. I personally prefer a red jersey but it seems that all Sens fans want black to be the base color again. If you transferred this onto the Reebok template and added shoulder patches this would be the perfect look for the Senators. Not much more to say here. Great work, Dave.

I'm really starting to love these yellow/gold Panthers jerseys! This is a great start by Casey. The striping looks great and would be a good match to the home and away jerseys. I think that the red cuffs and blue trim on the hem need to be removed though.  I would also go with (always) a solid colored helmet and in this case, all red pants. My last nitpick is that the socks have no stripes. Other than that I think this would make a great jersey! I would be interested to see some white in between the stripes to match that great logo. That's just my opinion though. Good work Casey and thanks for sending this in!

Buffalo Sabres (Tyler G.) 
I absolutely loved the Sabres anniversary jerseys and if I came across one in a store I would probably buy it.   Tyler did an excellent job combining the anniversary jerseys and the current jerseys. I would take these over the current or past Sabres jerseys any day!      

Dallas Stars (Tyler G.)
Another great set by Tyler. The yokes and stripes are cool. I love the way he used the colors. These are (obviously) a huge improvement over the current uniforms and wouldn't mind too see these in action. No complaints here. Two solid concepts Tyler.


  1. Thanks for the feedback Justin. I thought of creating a home/road set for the SENS (nike temlate) but I wanted some feedback before I continued. I may try it with a Reebok tenmplate though.

  2. The home/road numbers for Quebec (Dave C.) and the Angels need to be changed, the Quebec (Tyler G.) nameplate also needs switching, the Ottawa (Dave C. #1) NoB and numbers need shrinking, Florida needs the NoB enlarged a tad and the number squeezed width-wise, Buffalo got it right here, and Dallas is missing something in their home kit.

    As the resident Halos fan here, I'm focusing on that. If this team is going to be in Hartford, then I would like to see "Hartford" appear somewhere on the home and road sweaters. The striping is what makes the set here. It's great for this set, but I myself would put the darker color in the two middle stripes with the lighter in the other three to highlight the jersey's main color. But it still looks good, particularly on the home shirt. The logo might be a tad too superimposed, but that isn't anything to be overly concerned about. The only change is the numbering and it's solid.

  3. Thanks Justin For The Nice Words And Suggestions!

  4. Thanks for the comments Justin! I hope to be sending in all of my new concepts here!

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