Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bringing Black and Silver Back to Tampa Bay

Hello Everyone, it's late here in Colorado so I'm going to make it quick tonight. First off I have a Tampa Bay Lightning concept set.

Tampa Bay Lightning
I'll be honest. I love the Lightning's current look! Its simple, clean and effective. But a lot of people have been calling on the return of black. In my opinion, if the Lightning's current (maybe past?) third jersey lost the nickname it would be a great jersey! That's what I tried to do here while also changing it up a bit. The biggest change is that from hem stripes to side stripes similar to those on the Ducks and Isles third jerseys. I created my own logo based off of the current primary and added more details and colors. It took a lot of variations but I'm glad with how it turned out. The alternate is just a modified version of the current alt. and to top everything off I included a sublimated wordmark on the bottom back of each jersey. I'm sorry for the sloppy, jibber-jabber description but I'm really tired. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this design!

Also stay tuned tomorrow for some concepts and expansion entries from Casey R. and David C. Goodnight everybody! Or goodmorning?


  1. I like it, but the clash of the straight arm stripes and curved hem stripes bugs me. I wouldn't go with the same curve on the arms as NY or Anaheim, I'd go the other way more like St Louis.

  2. That looks really, really good. The new primary logo looks great, and the jerseys fit the Lightning so much better than their current jerseys.

  3. Love the Lightning jersey. Its been my own personal feeling that Tampa Bay should ditch black altogether. In favor of the addition of more silver. Still, the concept works so well for them better than their current set.

  4. I HATE! the current Lightning logo and uniforms. What you've done here is you've significantly improved that look. Your concept is far, far superior to the crap they're currently using, well done. I love nearly everything about it. If I were to make a modification, it would be to angle the sleeve stripes downward. IMO Tampa completely missed the mark on their redesign. Their former colour sceme is what made their look unique, and instead went with a design that meade them look like a bunch of Maple Leaf wanna-bes.