Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What I think the Denver Cutthroats will look like

This past year it was announced that Denver and the CHL would be receiving a new hockey team. I, living in Colorado, was obviously exited to get a new semi-pro hockey team to go watch. Before any announcements were made there were already tons of rumors about the Cutthroats name. For those who don't know, the Cutthroat is the state fish. I didn't mind it too much. I actually thought it sounded pretty badass. However unless it's a shark, not many fish are "badass." But I remained optimistic. Especially when I heard the Denver graphic design company, Adrenalin, was working with the Cutthroats. Adrenalin is the same company that designed the Avalanche logos and the current Coyotes brand among some other great designs such as the Colorado Mammoth. But the Cutthroats logo didn't measure up to the others. In my opinion it was actually a 
 terrific idea. A fish coming out of a stylized D with water and mountains coming out of the outlines. Very creative. The only problem is how it came out. It looks like amateur logo straight out of the 90s. And the colors, which are good, just don't seem to work within the logo. Maybe if the fish wasn't so bland this would look better? I was hoping the logo would come out something similar to Ryan Muraro's Seattle Sockeyes logo as seen on Puck Drawn. Even the colors are the same (for the most part) followed by some awesome jerseys. I actually predicted that the logo, or alternate logo, would be a Colorado "C" with a fish leaping out of the bottom end. I tried to render that but I couldn't create a fish that I liked. But I did create an alternate (on the right) similar to the primary meant to be portrayed as a "name in circle" logo. Currently the only logo and only logo/design that has been released has been the primary logo with a wordmark. I'm hoping to see an alternate but only time will tell if that happens.           

On the Denver Cutthroats website there are various images, wallpapers. backgrounds, etc. that all use the same general design. They all have some basic stripes (from inside: teal/blue, white, red) with a green background. It got me thinking that these images maybe hinting at the upcoming Cutthroats uniforms. With that being said I did my best to render what I think we will all see Denver unveil before this October.

 The jersey design is a combination of all those things. I decided to do a dark version based off of the images I found. I used the same striping from the wallpaper and used my alternate logo as a shoulder patch. I also decided to use teal/blue equipment. This isn't the best or most creative design but I think it's certainly possible. What do you guys think?

While I was gathering images for this post I came across this on the Cutthroats web page. It is a rendering of what Denver's mascot, Gill, will look like. I was less interested in the mascot and more interested in the jersey he is wearing. It's really basic and downright boring in my opinion. Pretty out dated as well. What is it with the Cutthroats and the 1990's design connection? Although I do like the wordmark, it looks awful on the jersey. It also makes the logo way too small. I'm sure this is just a basic jersey rendering for mascot presentation purposes but it got me thinking... what if this is the jersey? I sure hope not. I know they're just a CHL team but they can do better than this. My favorite part of the mascot has to be the arms and legs! I didn't know fish had those? Haha kidding.

I know not a lot of you want to read about the Denver Cutthroats but I really appreciate you stopping by, hearing me rant and checking out my newest design. Come back soon.

(Fish Pun Intended)


  1. The jersey looks good, and I really like that alternate "C" logo.

    I also agree that the mascot's jersey would be terrible.

  2. Like the jersey. Very simple and clean. Perfect for them. Knowing how minor league teams are, those jerseys on the mascot are probably close to what they will actually unveil.

  3. I honestly can't get past the terrible fish (the original logo). It seems rushed to me. The Mississauga Steelheads got the fish/script right - even if it doesn't look menacing, its definetly eye-catching. Good work Justin, considering what you had to work with...

  4. You nailed it with the secondary logo. Font might be more similar to the wordmark though. Just my opinion.

    1. Thanks, Ryan. I agree about the font but all of the fonts/designs I used similar to the wordmark just weren't working out for me.