Thursday, August 2, 2012

First Expansion Entries (Deadline Extended)


Columbus Blue Jackets

First off I have a CBJ concept. The first thing I wanted to do was add more blue. After all they are the BLUE Jackets. I also wanted to add gold to the color scheme as a few others have. I think it compliments the blues and white very well. I also wanted to use the cannon logo as the primary. It's not a great logo but it represents the brand very nicely. You may have seen a proposed logo the Blue Jackets created (rendered by Avi S.) in the past. I created a more simplistic version of that logo for a shoulder patch. Lastly I added stars to the cuffs and few few minute datails to top off the jersey. This, in my opinion, is the direction the Blue Jackets need to take. I would really appreciate any feedback you have. I may creat a road white jersey sometime soon.

Next up is the NHL Expansion Contest! First off I wanted to let everyone know that the entry deadline has been extended until August 15th. I also have the first three entries!

Quebec (Scott D.)

Seattle (Scott D.)

 Hamilton (Myself/Justin)

I would love for everyone to participate so get your entries in and spread the word!

Tournament of Hockey Design

The second round of the TOHD rounded up with the Senators earning Best Third Jersey and the Avalanche (*sigh* but no suprise) getting crowned Worst Uniforms. Two new votes have been listed on the right side of the page.


  1. As promised to my readers, I will send mine in Sunday (tomorrow) as planned but after I give my folks a sneak peak!

  2. But the Stars have to be a close second there *wink*

  3. i love your hamilton tigers concepts. the arm striping is very cool and the 3rd jersey is classic old school ... it actually makes that old "animal cracker" tiger look good! i hope you don't mind i posted them on my fb page: