Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Going Green: Stars and Ducks Re-brands

I think we can all agree that the NHL needs more green! I've come up with two Pacific Division re-brands which both include green as their base color!

Dallas Stars
The Stars are on the top of the list of teams that need a redesign. I've created a new bullhead logo based on the stars old third jersey logo. I was originally going to use it as the alternate logo but it came out much better than expected so I promoted it to primary! I modified the inside of the star logo as well as the colors to use the classic logo as a shoulder patch. The striping is based off of their old, black third jersey the incorporate the "stars" theme a little more. Finally I had to add their big offseason pickup, Jaromir Jagr, to the back!

Anaheim Ducks
I finished this concept a while ago. You may have also seen my first version on HJC a while back. The logo is based on the Quad City Mallards flying mallard logo. However, I changed the orientation of the whole duck and redrew everything in illustrator so I wouldn't just be slapping one teams logo on anothers jersey. The alternate logo is meant to represent Southern California. You can read a durther description on the concept!

As always I would love to hear any comments and critique you have. Thanks for stopping by, The Art of Hockey!


  1. Hey Justin. Nice job! I have a few suggestions... take it or leave it...
    For the Stars jersey: I like the bullhead but I think it should be a secondary. When I first saw the jerseys they didnt scream Stars because of the bull. Also, on the green jersey, I find the gold too prominant... maybe switch the black and gold?
    For the ducks jersey, my only suggestion (those jerseys are sweet) would be to get rid of the flying birds above the wave OR to get rid of the palm tree. One of these changes may help declutter.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I actually already started to switch the logos and started creating an alternate jersey with the bullhead logo. How do you feel about a gold alternate? Too much?

    2. Hmmm... gold would definetly be original. Are you thinking of taking the route of the Wild's alternate... maybe a Dallas script with the bullhead as a black silhouette (becuase its gold too)?. I think a gold and white alternate could be cool...worn with black pants and helmet... looking forward to seeing the end result!

    3. Hey, DCamp! My newest update is in a new post! Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks!